We handle a variety of translations subjects, including medical, legal, energy, news, environment, international development, and more. On every project, specific translation skills are applied to ensure a quality result. The translation can then be proofread before completion of the project.

We pride ourselves on quality but our experience and availability allows us to offer speedy services when necessary. We are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied as we are interested in developing lasting relationships. We commit to promptly send you a price and delivery schedule on review of your document and exact requirements, and the translation works can start on receipt of payment, or as otherwise agreed.
Certified Translations
Official documents can be translated and certified for French or British authorities. More information is available on request.

To get started, simply upload your English document to be translated and fill in the required details. An urgent turnaround service is available.

Globalisation and the growth of communication technologies has increased the demand for localisation, which is the process of adapting textual and cultural contents to specific target audiences in specific locations.

Localisation is a process that goes beyond translating and while localising a website or a computer program, the cultural contents and technical aspects are as important as the purely linguistic adaptation.

The French Key can provide a localised translation of your website and its adaptation to suit its new audience. Please send us the link to your website and the languages you would like to translate it into for a quotation. With the right website in the right languages, you could see your market expand beyond your wildest expectations. Do it before your competitors! An investment well worth it!

For more information, see the DTI website, and these features in particular:

We also offer transcreation services, involving advice regarding ways of adapting your documentation to your target audience in the best possible way in terms of comprehension and cultural tastes to achieve a better and more efficient result, instead of simply translating texts that had been initially aimed at a different culture and could well end up “lost in translation”!

We are also able to assist your company with artwork, typesetting, web design, and interpreting. Please contact us with your requirements.

We are flexible in our approach to share our linguistic skills and experience, and will offer other language services (such as interpreting, transcription, subtitling, educational advice etc.) if we feel we can do a great job. Just ask!